Saturday, April 2, 2016

What's In A Name

So as I have made a return to blogging, with so much to write about, I find myself contemplating the name of my blog.
You see, when I started this, several years ago, I was leasing a farm that I called Calypso Farm. My daughters were heavily involved with horses and both competed actively in eventing and pony club.
But girls grow up and things change. My youngest, Amanda, who was never as passionate about horses as her sister or myself, lost interest when her horse Pilgrim, died. She was 17 and had other interests. She now lives in Manhattan and while she dreams of owning a dog or bunny, horses are not in her future. Jen has never lost her interest, but when Imp died her last semester of college, it was easy for her to focus on her career. An engineer, she now lives in Arlington, Virginia and does a pretty good job of catch riding. She has been foxhunting and riding warmbloods.
I no longer lease the barn, as with just one horse, it didn't make sense but eventually we will buy a farm and it will earn the Calypso Farm moniker.
Where did the name Calypso come from? Well, I am a HUGE fan of John Denver and one of my favorite songs is Calypso, a beautiful tribute to Jacques Cousteau's ship. My husband is passionate about fishing and boating, so I thought the name would be a nod to John Denver and to my husband's hobby.
Hmmm....I guess the name stays. is too much trouble to change it!

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