Monday, April 11, 2016

Just Another Blip In The Road....Part 2

After dwelling on Tucker's diagnosis all weekend, the vet came back today with the xray machine. Actually, a different vet, but the same one who I saw last fall....
Let me digress a moment.
My wonderful vet, Dr. Pultz, "Doc" passed away almost 2 years ago from cancer. Doc was the kind of vet who would stitch up a homeless person who knew where to find help; he was old school and had lots of tricks up his sleeve that new vets just have no clue; I had his personal phone # and could call him anytime; he knew just by feeling her knee that Imp had a bone chip, even before he x-rayed her; he was gruff but could calm even Imp while administering vaccines to the needle phobic mare.
Our visits always lasted hours because he would share some of his stories with me when he was finished, which always nearly left me rolling in laughter in the dirt, they were so funny. He could sure spin some stories and he was a damn good vet. He was my vet for over 25 years and he left some mighty big shoes to easy task.
Last fall, on the advice of Kevin, my farrier, I contacted Dr. Lori Gifford. When she showed up last fall, I immediately took a liking to her. She has a calm and easy going vibe and is gentle around Tucker. And she likes Tucker! She talked to him, petted him, you know, did things to make me happy. She also is fine with me consulting with Dr. Reilly about Tucker's EPSM and while she is pro-vaccine, she understands that I have to be selective with what vaccines I administer to Tucker.
When I called last week, she sent her partner, Dr. Donna Woelfel. Like Lori, she is on a first name basis and has a calm and easy going nature about her. I found out that the reason Donna came instead of Lori, was that since it was the same leg, Lori felt a second opinion would be good.
Today, Lori came and she x-rayed Tucker.
The good news is that there are no changes in the arthritis that showed up last fall. And, the arthritis is in the pastern, not the fetlock. The hoof looks good as well.  She said that there was a good chance that not all of the nerves were blocked, hence the reason for him not being sound until Donna blocked the fetlock. It is a small amount and I am encouraged that there are no changes. She also said for me to get on him this week and that if he is lame still at the trot, it would be ok to walk him, which is good for keeping his EPSM in check.
I will hop on him in 2 keeping my fingers crossed!

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