Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Farewell, Impulsive

Several hearts are breaking today. Mine. Jennifer's. Jane's.
Impulsive has crossed the rainbow bridge.
Imp was a life time horse. A heart horse. A best friend.
It was my priviledge to be her caretaker.

Jen and Imp At Poplar
She was an amazing partner not only for Jen, but to Jane, who took her to the upper levels of eventing. We are forever grateful for Jane's generosity in giving us Imp.

Farewell, Imp. You loved Jen and you took good care of her. You taught her to be the horsewoman she is. You gave me much anxiety as I worried and fretted over you like a good horseshow mom and barn manager should. We miss you.

Her story and how we came to own this beautiful horse is here:


Imp and Jane, AHSA Intermediate Horse of the Year Zone Champion

Jen and Imp sharing peppermints
Jane and Imp
Jane and Imp
Jen and Rachel learning that they are going to Champs in 2004
Jen and Imp at Poplar
Jen and Imp at Rocking Horse
Jen's senior portrait
Kentucky Horse Park
Kentucky Horse Park
Jen and Imp at Kentucky Horse Park
Imp flirting with John Henry at the KHP
Life imitating art, as Imp imitates Secretariat at KHP
Jane and Imp

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