Sunday, April 10, 2016

Being Fashionable Without Breaking The Bank

I have always been a bit out of touch when it came to being fashionable in the riding apparel department. I like ribbed, because I no longer have a perfect body, post 3 kids and menopause (mainly menopause) and the ribbed are more flattering, and I like a classic rise instead of anything that reveals a butt crack or a muffin top.
I used to snub my nose at any breech that cost more than $100, so you can forget about me even trying on TS, Romph or the like. I think it is absurd to spend hundreds of dollars on breeches, simply for the sake of wearing a label.
Then Devon-Aire came out with their new Signature line of breeches and I am finally riding in style!
Devon-Aire Signature line includes breeches, coats and boots, that have catapulted the company into a new category. Once thought of as a company that made decent entry level, kids and budget minded clothes, they are now venturing into the high end market....but without the high end price! So if you want to look like you spent $200 for a pair of breeches for your horse to snot all over, now you can do so but for a fraction of the cost!
I was a bit skeptical at first when the Signature debuted over a year ago. Introduced in a line of colors for universities with riding teams, the options quickly increased as customers started asking for more. The material is a European style woven fabric. It is a high tech, poly/lycra blend. And it is water resistant and moisture wicking, so perfect for those many hot and humid days of Florida riding. I was doubtful that I would like a mid rise, but once I tried them on, I was hooked. They give excellent control and lots of stretch...I could easily pick out hooves and not worry about exposing anything. The waistband gives lots of support and I don't feel like I need a coat to cover up my waist. It has a Euro seat and the Devon-Aire has done away with the painful Velcro and instead opts for elastic ankles, in the color of the trim of the piping. And like all of Devon-Aire breeches, they do not have inside leg seams and the snaps are heavy duty with reinforced seams. While they do come in a show tan color, which is identical to the TS tan, the other color options come with a colored trim on the waist to match the ankle. Overall, it makes for a pretty sharp looking breech, whether you are looking for a show breech, or a breech to match your school's riding team or even your barn colors.
But while it is a pretty it a comfortable riding breech? While they passed the test of functionality around the barn, I am pleased to say that they are just as comfortable in the saddle. There is no constriction of the material and I appreciate the comfort of the elastic ankle instead of Velcro digging into my skin. They are great for summer riding as they are light weight and that is a huge plus for me.Since trying them on, I ordered more pairs in a variety of colors and they are my go to breech for lessons and shows.
Just when I thought that they couldn't out do the Signatures, Devon-Aire introduced the Signature Madrids a few months ago.These too are also a woven, technical fabric and incredibly, they have even more stretch to them than the Signatures. They are a micro-poly and cotton blend and they provide even more support and control to the waist area than the Signatures and they are just as flattering. They are very comfortable while riding. An issue I have with riding in the Florida heat is of chafing and rubbing, and neither the Signatures or the Madrids do either, which is a sweet relief! They are cut very similar to the Signatures, with a mid rise, Euro seat and elastic ankles. They do not come in as many color options as the Signatures, and the four colors that they do offer come with contrast piping, but I am confident that they will add more colors and do a plain show tan as well.
Both breeches are very affordable. The Signature retails for $99 and the Madrid retails for $109.

The breeches match up beautifully with the Mango Bay belts. If you haven't seen these, check them out at
Whatever your riding discipline or your color, Pam has it for you. These belts are fun, stylish and at $19, you can afford multiple belts! The flat rings that she uses mean that the belts won't slide and loosen up while you are riding. Most likely you will find Pam at one of the shows...I don't think she is ever home because she is at every major horseshow and event, including Equine Affaire (both!), Rolex, pony finals and more

Here I am wearing the Signatures. I love how they move and stretch with my body!
 The Madrids:

                                       Here I am wearing the Madrids in the navy and white:
The Signature side zip:
Some of the many color options of the Signatures:

                                               I love the navy and white! It is so classic.

Go Gators! My youngest daughter begged me for a pair so she could wear them around the UF campus. Many riders of the UF equestrian team will be seen wearing these!

Mango Bay Belts!

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  1. Oooh. . . I also like that navy and white. Kinda preppy! I haven't tried these breeches before, but I do like the price point! Thanks for the info.