Sunday, May 15, 2016

Farms of Lexington

One of my favorite past times is to photograph horses, wildlife, old cemeteries & churches and barns. I have been known to be cruising along a back country road, only to slam on the brakes, put the car in park and jump out with camera in hand. I have gotten better about I check the rear view mirror for cars behind me and if possible, I pull off to the side of the road. Sometimes I stop in the middle of the road if no cars are coming and will click away from the drivers seat. Honestly, I need a bumper sticker warning cars behind me that the car is prone to sudden stops and driver jumping from vehicle.
Whenever I leave the Kentucky Horse Park,  upon exiting the park onto Iron Works Parkway, I will find a county road to turn down so I can ooh and ahh the beautiful barns, farm houses, stone walls and of course, horses. Actually I do this on all of my road trips. The state of Connecticut even has a barn app for your phone! I think my love of barns dates back to my own grandparents barn that was built in 1903. Standing in McMurray, Pennsylvania, it still stands today. It was the site of my best childhood memories, whether it was digging through and finding antique tack from my mothers youth, jumping into stale piles of hay, climbing into the rafters or playing hide and seek.
Enjoy my special photo essay of the Lexington farms!


  1. Wonderful photos, they are all great! I love old barns, they have so much history! I need to visit Lexington sometime! It looks beautiful there. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thank you, Christy for the compliments. I too, love old barns!