Sunday, January 15, 2012

On The Move Again

Well, once again, I have packed up the horses and moved...back to the little barn off of Tuscawilla Road.

I left this barn in September, when Nikki, who shared the barn with me, bought a farm of her own. Even though it was much further for me (Geneva....a good 40 minutes, compared to 10 minutes), I wanted to keep the horses together (Tyke, Nikki's horse has boarded with me for about 5 years, when I leased a barn in Chuluota and moved with me last year when I left that barn). And, with Jen in Tampa at USF, I was faced with not having any barn help. Nikki, a pony club graduate, and I, see eye to eye on how we care for our horses. I never have to worry about not being at the barn as Nikki is as meticulous as I am about the horses care.

Unfortunately, the area of her barn did not fare well for Tucker, who has bad allergies. The noseeums were relentless and Tucker spent his days itching and itching. Suddenly, the allergies which I have micromanaged for years, were out of control.

I was torturing him.

So, I made the decision to move back to the little barn, as I call it.

Yesterday, Imp and Tucker walked into the field that the barn sits in, as if they had never left.

Hobbs, the barn cat, staked out her tackroom again.

The difference this time, is Imp has moved into Tykes old stall, which is a bit larger. She ate all her dinner last night, a sign that she is content!

This morning, despite the cold weather and ice on the windshield, it was good to be up early and to walk into a barn of hungry horses!

Yes, I will be "tied down" again to the barn...2, probably 3 trips to the barn every day. Amanda, my youngest, has offered to help with chores.

I hope that we will sell our house quickly and the next move the horses make, hopefully within the next few months, will be their will be to our own farm!

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