Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Tucker, Hobbs and Goat
I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of 2012...and I haven't written since the death of Imp in October.
I don't think anyone even reads these, certainly nobody has called, texted or emailed me to ask why I haven't written anything, so sometimes I ask why bother? But why not? At least I read it!
For the handful of people who do follow my blog, here is a brief update:
In November, I was officially hired by Devon-Aire Riding Apparel! This has been a dream of mine, to work again in the equine retail industry, ever since I managed a tack store after high school! My official title is Southeast Account Executive....I never thought I would see the word Executive after my name...and I have 5 states in my territory: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina! I have inherited existing stores, including some really big stores in Atlanta and Florida! The folks at Devon-Aire, which is a family owned business in Tampa, are also putting me in contact with other companies to Represent. As these become finalized, I will announce who they are!
After going to Tampa earlier this month, in which they loaded the Mazda with lots of samples, I will next travel for a week in January to Virgina, to learn from their best salesman. I come home, and then fly out the following week to Philadelphia, for the American Equine Trade Association trade show. I can't wait, as I will have the chance to meet up with some of my potential contacts and will get to meet Hilary Self, of Hilton Herbs! We have corresponded a bit between Tucker's allergies and Imp's cushings. I was pleasantly surprised to see my testimonial is listed on their webpage, at the top of the Bye Bye Itch site:

Tucker has been doing great! While he didn't get too upset at Imp's passing, he does miss her companionship. He shares the fence line with a mare on one side and a naughty pony on the other, who likes to steal his fly masks. I look forward to the day we finally sell our home (it goes back on the market in a month) and buy a farm, and he has another friend to play with, rather than sharing a fence line.
Habronema re-opened
I ride him just about every day and the truth is, there just isn't a bad ride on him. He is so honest, so uncomplicated and so much fun. I look forward to my rides. Jen's boyfriend, Will, is even learning to ride on him!

On the downside, his habronema scar opened a few months ago and it has been hell getting it to close. My vet had me try a new course of treatment, using Quest instead of Ivermectin (3 tubes), about 27ccs of Panalog instead of Fura Ointment, and 3ccs of DMSO, all mixed together. It has actually started working. While it hasn't closed completely, the swelling is almost gone and there is no more bleeding. It has been very puzzling, as this opened after summer had turned into fall, and after 2 years of no issues. He now wears his flyboot everyday and I don't think I will ever take it off, even in the cooler weather.

It is strange being down to just one horse, and we miss Imp something terrible. Her obituary appeared in this weeks Chronicle of the Horse. They forgot to put that she was the 1997 AHSA Intermediate Horse of the Year, but overall, they did a nice job.

After treatment of Panalog, Quest and DMSO
I wish you a Happy New Year with lots of good riding days!

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