Sunday, March 11, 2012

Product Review: Dublin Boots

Even Hobbs, the barn cat, likes my Dublins!

I awoke to the sound of rain this morning....yeah! I thought! I can wear my Dublins to the barn! Not that I need an excuse to wear my Dublins..I wear them everywhere...not only to the barn, but to Publix, the mall and even to the Winter Park Christmas parade!
Some people may consider them knock offs of the very expensive Duburry's, but at $190, I can't really put them in the same category as the Rolex and Coach knockoffs that you purchase in some shady alleyway in New York City for $25! Dublins stand well enough on their own merit, without being called a knockoff.
The first day I wore them, we had over 10 inches of rain at the barn. Boy, talk about breaking boots in right away! I knew they were water resistant, but I was still hesitant to step into the calf high water. I held my breath, took a step and waited for my nice, dry feet to become didn't happen! I sloshed around the barn that afternoon, my feet staying warm and dry, quite impressed with my new boots!
When I got home, I followed the instructions and let the boots dry naturally. The next day, I brushed off the dried mud. None the worse for wear!
All winter I have worn my boots every chance I get. If they were a bit more formal, I would wear them to work! But they are great teamed up with a pair of jeans, and I have worn them into the grocery store and on trendy Park Avenue. After all, equestrian style clothes are in style, and teamed with my breeches, I don't look out of place!
I also ride in them! I discovered this by accident. My left leg swells up, a residual effect of a blood clot 2 years ago. I schedule my riding time around my leg, as by the afternoon, my custom made Vogels cannot fit over my swollen calf. One day, I decided to see if I could ride in my Dublin's. I was very pleased to discover that yes, I can! I cannot fit my spur strap over the wide foot, but I have just as much contact through the calf and have the same amount of protection as my boots.
Now, I can ride any time of the day!
For the price, style and quality, I give these boots 4 hooves up.

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