Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tucker's EPSM Update

Well, it has taken roughly 3 months, but I think we have this last episode of Tucker's EPSM under control, and I hope it is our last!
This post refers to our initial relapse in the fall and the first changes that I made:

When I first realized Tucker was having a relapse, at the suggestion of Dr. Reilly of Equine Medical and Surgical Associates, I started him on high doses of Vitamin E, and then leveled him off to 8700 IU daily. He improved, but it took about 3 weeks to see changes and he still wasn't 100%.
I next added electrolytes. He was still sluggish, had a hard time maintaining his canter and was still stiff at the canter. Again, marginal improvement.
I was spending extra time warming Tucker up, doing lots of walking and trotting, and going up and down our hills around the barn (remember, this is Florida. But I am lucky to keep Tucker in Apopka, which is somewhat hilly! Hey, I will take what I can get!) After riding, I was massaging Hilton Herbs Muscle Magic into his back.
I had met a local woman who has an EPSM horse. In fact, this is her second one. At her urging, instead of trying the ALCAR, I instead started him on Magnesium Oxide.
Could it really be as simple as adding magnesium oxide to his diet to make him....99.9%??? In less than a week?
With the exception of a still somewhat stiff canter, he is pretty much back to his old normal self. His endurance level is back, we can canter more than just once around the field without him breaking into a walk. Other than the stiffness, there is nothing else out of whack and it is really minor. I can live with it!
We are back to jumping small courses and working on building his endurance level. We might be able to salvage this winter season after all.
Magnesium oxide...who knew?

Now, if I can get the habronema under control......
(actually, I came across Dr. Porter's website. He was the consulting vet I used on Pilgrim in 2007 when he was associated with U of F's mobile unit. He is now on his own and has developed a cream for habronema's. He is shipping me a tube and it should arrive any day. I am excited to try it. Will keep you posted!)


  1. MagOx is a wonder drug for PSSM horses. I can't impress that enough on people looking for help with their can make that much difference!!!

  2. I've been thinking about adding vitamin E to my horse's diet and am also thinking about adding magnesium. It's great to hear that it has helped your horse so much. How much magnesium do you feed? For the electrolytes, did you just add salt?

    1. Currently I am feeding the recommended dose of the Quiessence. I am finally getting pure magnesium oxide next week. I think he will get about a tablespoon daily of it, but will need to confirm that. For electrolytes, you can add salt. Good luck!

  3. Any specific brand of MagOx people like best? What is your maintenance dose? I am at 2 grams per day and after lots of research, I am seeing that it's not enough. I had been using Mag Maleate (MagRestore)

    1. Just now seeing this! I wish I got notifications of comments! Anyhow, I use the Quiessence. I tried pure mag ox, but it was too fine and just slipped to the bottom of the feed tub. The Quiessence is a pellet and he does great on it.

  4. THANKS! I'm using Mag Ox. in wet hay cubes- working so far.