Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rain, Rain and More Rain

Tucker's face looking fabulous! Note all the flood water in backgound.
Since I moved Imp and Tucker back to Nikki's, all it has done is rain. And rain. And rain some more. Not our normal afternoon showers. No. Torrential rain. Like 5 inches in 2 hours rain.
Every day.
I am ready to build an ark.
Of course, the pastures are all flooded.
Nikki is over it. The horses are over it. I am over it. I am sure the deer are over it.
The only ones really enjoying all this rain are the wading birds!
There has been one bright moment to come from all of this rain.
Because the pastures are so flooded, not to mention we are getting middle of the night storms, the horses are on limited turnout. An hour here and there in the morning, and an hour or 2 when Nikki comes home from work. Some days, they just get hand walked.
As a result, Tucker's skin looks...dare I say it...drumroll, please.....AWESOME!!!
Yes, awesome!
After months of fighting summer sores, crusty tummies, itchy and hairless tails and raw manes, his skin is finally getting a reprieve and healing.
Unlike the itty, bitty barn, his stall at Nikki's is large and cool. Having 4 fans blowing on him helps too! Limited turnout really helps.
Neck almost healed
I noticed about 2 weeks ago that he seemed to be doing better...a little bit each day.
Then, last week, I started him on SmartPaks SmartProtect. It is for the immune system and contains such ingredients as grape seed extract and Vitamin's C and E.
Tail regrowing...again!
In the last week, since being on it, his tail has re-grown by over 50% and his skin has dramatically cleared up. He seems less itchy, too.
He had been on the product for only a few days when I was showing Tucker to my friend, Chris. That was when I started to realize the sudden improvements.
I was giddy!
So lessons learned?
First, no more night turnout during the summer.
Once we move to our own farm, this will be easy. Limited turnout in the early AM and again before sunset.
And just as I have always speculated, his allergies have been immune related. I have tried other products in the past, with no success. The formula that SmartProtect uses seems to be the right combination for Tucker and it is working.
I am going to start Imp on the SmartProtect as well.
She has been started on Hilton Herb's Vitex Plus, for Cushing's horses. She simply refuses to eat the Pergolide, no matter how I disguise it. She likes the Vitex Plus and in just a week, she is beginning to shed out...finally. I hope she continues to show improvement on it.

Now all together, lets sing: Rain, Rain, Go Away! Go Out West! We Are Over You!

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