Monday, July 2, 2012

It Is Freaking Hot!

Almost 100 at 6:58pm
I is supposed to be hot in Florida. Which is why I hate Florida! I hate the heat. But the past few days have posted record heat records. When I went to feed last evening, it was still in the 90's at 7:30.
I fed the two and somehow managed to pick up the pasture while they ate, something I had told myself I would do that evening, as I hadn't gotten to it in a few days.
After filling the water troughs with cool, fresh water, the horses were turned out.

Imp promptly returned to her stall.
I had to convince her that she was going out for the night.

Horse management in this heat is tough.

You not only have the heat, but you have the flies and mosquitoes to deal with.
Tucker's allergies are making him miserable, and the heat doesn't help. He can't wear a fly mask as it rubs his sore on his cheek..I have tried 3 different masks and have tried to modify them, none work. Besides, I think they actually make his allergies worse..they are hot and they trap the heat. But, without the mask, his eyes run and on some days, he rubs his nose open.
So I compromise. If his eyes are bad or the nose is bleeding, he wears the mask...until he removes it.
Imp loves wearing fly boots...don't ask me why I never put them on her before. But she sweats in a fly mask. Nikki came to pick up some SMZ's and to visit yesterday and when I removed her mask to show her Imp's still swollen above the eyes area, she was all sweaty under the fly mask. So I left it off.
This morning, I rode Tucker..barely.
We walked, did some trotting, long enough to get him into a frame. Did some cantering. And then quit. We didn't even make it 30 minutes. But it was enough just to keep him in shape.

Why do I seem to have the worst hot flashes when I am riding and it is already so friggin' hot? It is all I can do to keep myself from jumping in the pond.

I rinsed Tucker off extra long today, and then pulled Imp out of her stall to rinse her off. After breakfast, she refuses to leave her stall, even though I leave her door open. She even let me dribble water from my cupped hands down her know she is hot when she lets me do that.

Horses are out for the evening, with cool, fresh water
Fans are on, fresh, clean and cool water fills their buckets, lights are off and they are in their stalls for the day. I think that while this heat continues, I will head out at noon to rinse them has to make them feel a little better!

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